Book Review: ‚Vinyl’ by Sophia Elaine Hanson


Title: Vinyl
Author: Sophia Elaine Hanson
Pages: 351

Goodreads blurb:
Legend meets Leviathan in this gritty steampunk fiction by debut author Sophia Elaine Hanson. Charged with fear, heavy with heartbreak, and stitched with unexpected moments of joy, Vinyl is perfect for fans of Cinder and Divergent.

In the heart of the once powerful nation of Arutia lies the reclusive city state of Revinia. All citizens within its soaring black walls have metal Singers grafted into their skulls at birth. The parasitic machines issue a form of auditory hypnosis called The Music, which keeps their minds malleable and emotions flat. All artistic expression—especially real music—is strictly prohibited.

On the edge of the city, nineteen year old Ronja struggles to support her family. Plagued by migraines and haunted by prejudice brought on by her mother—a ‚mutt’ genetically twisted as punishment for crimes unknown—Ronja is hanging by a thread. Then, a chance meeting leads to her kidnapping by the Anthem, an underground resistance working to snuff The Music and preserve the human spirit. Violently severed from her Singer by the brash young agent Roark, Ronja revels in her newfound freedom…until she returns home to discover her family has been taken as a result of her disappearance.

The first in a trilogy, Vinyl is a story of loyalty, passion, trauma, human connection, and the extraordinary power of real music.

My review:
This was amazing. It was this action . Much has happened . There were times that I could not put the book and do something else , because he was so addicted that half of the book read . It was something that even I dreamed that I was the main character and someone rescues … haha . Something similar like Divergent , but it’s not the same. Life is like a district. To live with something you can not get up yet. I recommend it for fans of sci – fi / dystopian / action novels . I will definitely return to it for some time.
Not The Music but real music .

‚ Sing  my friend
There and back ‚

‚May your song guide you home ‚

5/5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★



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