#review ‚Last Light Falling: Into The Darkness’



I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, Thanks to J.E.Plemons !


Title: Last Light Falling: Into the Darkness

Series: Last Light Falling #2

Pages: 317

Author: J.E.Plemons


Arena has left the nation’s administration with a dead president and a weakened military, and while the tragic memories continue to scar her, the government struggles to regroup without its leader. For the people who still remain in hiding, it’s evident the country is all but lost, and with Russian operatives taking over, the nation’s hope of recovering is grim.
After months in hiding, Arena and her brother, Gabriel, fight to survive the aftermath while they trudge through unkindly terrain across the country to rejoin their friends, but what they soon discover may staunch their journey. The government’s failed attempt to rebirth a broken nation has caused civil unrest like no other.
After reuniting with their friends, Arena’s decision to stay changes when she discovers the secrets of a refugee camp behind a clandestine group of rebels, known as the Southern Resistance. With an opportunity to escape to a permanent safe haven, Arena risks her life to lead the new fellowship. But the darkest days are upon them, and with a new war brewing, Arena’s path will take a dark turn as her survival is in jeopardy.
Into The Darkness captures the cruel truth behind our darkest secrets which may often cause us to question our faith. In this graphic second installment of the LAST LIGHT FALLING series, J.E. Plemons continues the grim story of Arena Power’s fate, testing her faith while she and her brother search for an answer to their survival in a brooding world filled with chaos.




My review:

Arena and her twin brother Gabe still roam the forests and wilderness in search of a quiet place where they could live. But this quiet day will not come to puki Arena alive. After roamed hundreds of miles, and after meeting a small number of living people come to your city to be with him again embark on a journey for a better life. With their loved ones at the side of the Arena he is still hope that somewhere there is such a place.

Arena is no longer such a killing machine that can learn in book 1. Gabe is for her what keeps her still alive and does not let go. She needs him and he her. Both have lost many loved ones and now must fight to survive and to each other not to lose.

Safe haven to which they are approaching, a few hundred miles away, a place about which they know nothing, a trip during which they meet new faces, trust, betrayal. The time that inexorably runs and love, which does not stop.

After reaching their destination Arena she learns that Gabe went to look for her. Now she will have to look for him.

I hope that the book 3 will be as incredible as book 1 & 2 was.

Jay you are an amazing author!

I would recommend it to anyone !!

Rating: 5/5 star