Review: Choosing Xaverique


*I receive this book from authorin exchange for an honest review *

*Note. There are spoilers, I guess*


Choosing Xaverique is not another ordinary story about another ordinary girl. The story of a fifteen year old girl named Gabby. Her biggest worries in life are friends, boys and annoying brother Zac. One day it happens to be something that not everyone can happen. Hit by a car, not conscious for a few minutes, she rises from the ground as if nothing had happened. Her body bore no injuries. Panicked flees to the house, hoping that no one finds there. Still in severe shock after the incident must adopt further shocking news. Xaverique gene mutation.  She is Xaverique.  Gabby on the next day back to school as if nothing had happened to her. It appears it is also a new student who attracted her attention. But she does not realize that he can be a threat to her. Gabby and Noah began dating. Noah knew the secret of which she, of course, he did not say and she does not know that he knows. The only person outside the family who knows what Gabby Mia is her best friend. Noah also has a secret which can not tell her. Gabby and Noah meet more often. Their love grows. Noah during the day after school must be in an old warehouse with his master, so that alive. Gabby all the stories his father, learns that her grandmother also belongs to the group of people not people. Gabby learned that they have powers that allow you to be stronger and help others. But she did not want to be like them she does not want to use their power. She also knows that when there will use their power to further the birth of all this will pass and will be as before. Gabby began to assist in the investigation of her father and grandmother to detect where he is strongest and oldest Xaverique. Besides all Gabby meets with Noah, she goes to school and does not normally leads a normal life. One day Gabby learns that Zlanythe, the oldest and strongest Xaverique planning an attack on the hospital. He plans to kill all the babies. In addition, Gabby to help discover who his father is one of a group of bad Xaverique. Gabby had learned only that he probably goes to her school so she could recognize him. This guy turns out to Noah. Father and grandmother did not want to be youngster played in stopping the attack on the hospital. But Gabby knows her and she decided to appear there. Salvation infants may seem easy but overcome Zlanythe not. Grandmother with a little help of Gabby manage to overcome it. After a fateful night in the hospital Gabby decides to go to school. The school Gabby learns from Noah with Zlanythe wants to revenge on her for what she did her grandmother and Noah. Noah tries to prevent this but two of his subordinates Zlanythe decides to stop them. Gabby and take Noah to the factory where the waiting Zlanythe. At the sight of Gabby Noah he was beaten by one of his subordinates and pushed into a hole in the ground. Noah lost consciousness. Gabby also was pushed into a hole in the ground where he landed Noah. They were trapped. After waking Noah explained to Gabby who he was and why. And why was the Zlanythe. After some time, Noah decided to get them out. In the factory were the other and her father and grandmother. Noah decided to go and talk to them. But for the moment they were joined by Gabby. Noah decides to go away from him chose Gabby. Sophia grandmother Gabby once again with the help of defeats Zlanythe. After returning home, Gabby stops in front of the house seeing a tree in her dream and sitting on a tree Noah. He came to say goodbye and wish to Gabby never used her power to remain like she was before. Some time later, about 4 months later came the day of birth Gabby. Until then, she keeps his word and never used the power. During the bus driver deducted dog. Gabby decides to help him. Not knowing how it had done she used the power at the dog. That day she get to know the Noah, who was angry with used them just for the dog and for this broken promises.



So I like this story. I hope  so this will be  book 2 or sequel. I think  I reread  this someday.

In this book is something like this that I could not put it down. I wanted to read it as soon as possible in order to know what to do next, and I did not want to read it quickly because they too would soon end. But everything will, however, must come to an end. I recommend this book to everyone.

4,5 /5 🌟



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