Review: Did I Mention  I Miss  You? by Estelle Maskame ❤

*I receive this book  in exchange for an honest review*

Eden’s on her way back to Santa Monica for the summer, and she hasn’t seen Tyler since the devastating fallout of their forbidden relationship. Eden claims to have moved on—but Tyler wants to rekindle the flame.

He convinces Eden to visit his new home in Portland, Oregon, where he has set up a center for troubled teens. Eden’s proud of what he’s built, but the last time they were together, it nearly destroyed Eden and their family. Then a tragedy draws them together, and Eden must search her heart and decide if Tyler is worth the risk once and for all.

My review:
Probably for the fans of the series DIMILY it was a long time waiting for this book, but I think it was worth the wait, even though I have not read the previous books, it was worth it. 

 Story is well written (I have to make up for the previous two), then I think that is a great DIMIMY the end of the story of Eden & Tyler. I have no words for how much dragged me this book. So perfect. 

 I loved the cover of this book. I think of is better than the previous. Although all three are beautifully rendered. I hope not long gain two previous books and will soak up the beauty of the cover and content. 

I Not more know how it was before but I could imagine a lot of facts. You get see how the family has changed and the deeper Reasons behind that. There are many shocking scenes, which I had not expected but one that can lead to a mini heart attack. There are also sad moments as well as those where you can smile. 

My favorite character in this book is Tyler and Ella. They were described perfectly. I think that Ella could easily get along and both of Tyler. 

 Not my favorite character is Dave. God, how I do not like him. But then that would be a book without such a character as Dave? Surely it would not be such a great story. 

It is a pity that this is the end of the story. Therefore, I have to make up for the previous two books. So it will be the end to the beginning and not from the beginning to the end of the story known. 

I would recommend it to anyone, without exception.
Rating: 5/5 🌟

Published by : Black  and White 



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